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Catsson LTD


We are a strong and competitive team of consultants lead under Swedish management. Together with the expertise of the Chinese engineerings we are able to assist you in many areas.

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Our mission is to optimize your business, make it more efficient and streamline your operations. Since 2010 we have supported companies around the globe, mostly from Europe. You got the issue and we got the solution. it´s our pleasure to be your supportive hands in China. 

You got the idea, but not the time to make it come true?

We will be your supportive hands in China! 

We not only visit the manufactories, we help you out with the design, layout and choose the most suitable material for your product. We value environmentally friendly and affordable materials.

Are you about to hire new purchasers to take care of your product line and quality assurance in China?

Don´t hire them before consider us as an option! Hire us when you need the service! 

It´s our pleasure to serve you at your convenience. 


Unfair payment-terms with Chinese suppliers.
Do you take the risk?



MARCH 30, 2017, 9:00 A.M. E.D.T.​

Are you doing business with Mainland China? 

rapidly and the relationship between the purchaser and the supplier are often loose.
Most probably they never met, it’s a trade between two parts that chatted on Skype or sent E-mails for a few weeks. This way of doing business works great as long as the volumes are low and both parties are determined to fulfil their part of the deal.

The orders coming in to Chinese suppliers are increasing  

News About Trading with China

This is why it’s very important to do the quality assurance before shipment, before the last 70% is paid. At that time the manufacture is still motivated to do the corrections and the items will be shipped as you expect them to be. We warmly recommend you to check your products by yourself or hire someone to check them on your behalf. This will decrease your risk when you order from China. If you need assistance with your trading in China, there is important with a partner you trust.

How do you pay for your items?

How do you pay for your items?

There are two standards when dealing with China. 100% paid before production start and 30/70. The meaning is 30 percent are paid upon order and the remaining 70 percent upon shipment. It’s a kind of false security since you still haven’t seen your items before you pay.

How to make sure the products reach your required standards?  

What happen if you receive your items and they are not as described?

We have 7 years experience in trading with China, until now we have never seen a manufacture that take full responsibility and resend correct items free of charge. The solution is often a discount on the next order. This solution requires you to place your next order with the same manufacture that made you disappointed last time.

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Tel: +86 15889783970


Tel: +86 13510313612

Team members

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903 Dannies HSE 9th Floor, 

20 Luard Road

Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Tel:  +86 15889783970


Let us be your representant in China, contact us today.

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